It's only spring training, so a lot of the features (choosing home or away broadcast, audio overlay, etc) are not yet available as of yet. But I've got to say. Oh my God....I am in love with what I am seeing!

I just signed up for Premium monthly ($24.99 a month through and including October. Or you can do a one time of $129.99, which I'll call them tomorrow to confirm if there is a gap in pricing. If so, I'll just have them cancel the monthly, and do the whole lump sum payment). I'm watching the Mets vs the Nationals (Shaun Marcum vs Zack Wheeler, a prospect I am closely watching). The picture is just spectacular. Clean audio.

Here's a list of the spring training games that will be available for viewing:

I'm in the Dallas area, but being born and raised in Milwaukee, I'm a huge Brewers fan (no kidding! I know you couldn't have figured that out from my signature!) So this will allow me to watch all but 10 of my team's games this year....all with Bob Uecker doing the color with audio overlay. And the 10 games the Crew play the Rangers and Astros in interleague play I can catch on FOX ports Southwest.

The Roku 2 XS cost $99. I have Verizon FIOS high speed, running about 60 Mbps download speed, and I'm running a 24 AWG cat 6 Ethernet cable into the Roku (and a 24 AWG HDMI cable, both from I literally feel like I'm standing at second base watching this. The picture is crystal clear.

If you are a huge baseball fan like I am, get this!!!!!