I am looking to buy the following items:

New York Yankees Serial Numbered Cards & Insert Cards

Trevor Bauer Autos and Parallels

Dylan Bundy Autos and Parallels

Tyler Austin Autos and Parallels

Jose Campos Autos and Parallels

Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Lots (not paying more than $.50 per card for basic players, will pay more for top guys)

Refractor & Parallel Lots

I am a show dealer, most of the items I buy go in $1 and $.50 boxes, so I am not looking to pay premiums on lots. I also am not looking to try and get over on people, I pay more for the higher end stuff. As for prospect autos that I want, I am willing to pay, but prior to posting an asking price, check ebay. If your price is higher, the same or more than 90% ebay average then we will not be able to make a deal. It's nothing personal, I sell at shows and on ebay for a hobby, which is why I buy stronger than almost any dealer out there. I have a high stress long hours full time job like everyone else. This is what I do to relax, thats why I dont engage in the back and forth arguing. If a deal isnt going to work, I move on.

Paypal ready!