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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyersFan View Post
    $150 for a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr Rc PSA graded 8 back in I believe 1999. See how much I made on that card.....LOL could probably get it now for about $40.
    I just sold a PSA 8 Griffey for $20. LOL
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    I'm pretty cheap,on baseball the most I've ever spent was 9 dollars on a sparky lyle autograph.My wife surprised me with a football card though that cost decent money.An Eli Manning Topps Finest rc autograph numbered out of 399 which she only paid 71 dollars for.
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    recently spent $80 for a 08 triple threads Jimmy Rollins/Ryan Howard dual auto booklet #'d /18
    also spent about $75 for a graded '51 Richie Ashburn, and $60 for a (low) graded Mantle from the 60's
    after that all pretty low level stuff for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post

    Great card!!!

    I overpaid but I wanted this Josh Gibson to complete my HOF game-used collection with two other Negro Leaguers as opposed to him with Bonds/Mantle, Bonds/T. Williams, Bonds/Pujols or Bonds/Clemente. I shelled out $390.

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    Bought a 1952 Mantle PSA-1. Mucho bucks. About as much as my next 3 most expensive cards combined, which would be PSA-1 1933 goudey Ruth, PSA-1 Sports King Ruth, and PSA-1 1951 Bowman Mantle rookie.

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    I've spent $130 for kobe SP authentic auto
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    $95 for the Sidney Crosby 05-06 UD Young Guns #201 back in 2006. All the hype the kid was getting, I figured it'd be worth more someday... :):

    If we're only talking about baseball for this topic, I think I spent a couple of fives here and there but nothing serious. Maybe $10 for the 1985 Topps Olympic McGwire RC...?
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    A cheap $15 for a Moustakas 12 piece jersey from 2012 TTT
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    Overpaid big-time on a 1949 Bowman Satchell Paige PSA 2 to complete a project. Ended up spending $700.
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