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    TTM - PC and SFC generosity!

    I decided to give another go to the Habs Centennial auto base set... I have about 75 right now

    Serge Savard, sent 2 cards (he decided to keep the Captain insert meh!)

    Jean-Guy Talbot 3/3


    Got this from doniceage! PK Subban signed puck - So I've decided to send someone a gift as well to keep the generosity chain going!

    Thanks a lot Don!

    and lastly, here's my 8th Subban Supreme Patches! 12/12

    here's all the patches together!

    coudn't fit this one on top of the others

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    It is amazing that these are showing up daily! Incredible good fortune on your part that so many have surfaced!

    And I love the TTM project for the Centennial set. Great idea! Might inspire me to do something with my remaining extra base set!
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    Ya not sure when/if I'll find one of the 4 missing ones

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    cool subban patches, congrats on the ttm

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    nice stuff i really like the signed puck :) credit to don for his generosity and congrats on the subban patches
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