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    Just reached SCF " Immortal" Status

    1000 Transactions done. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life. Could not have done it without the great members here on SCF you guys rock!! Now trade/sell me some Tim Brown cards!
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    Bring me your Tim Brown Autos, GU, and numbered.Hidden Content

    R.I.P. chajones

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    Congrats bro. Happy to say I've helped. Now sell me all your Vick numbered and all your numbered football #13/XXXX. Lol.
    Great job
    Kellen Moore Super-Collector!!!!
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    Buying/Selling: If Im the seller I will post, If your the seller I would appreciate if you post. Just my preference. Thanks

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    Congrats on your achievement!!!!


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    Nice job!

    How are we supposed to get you Tim Brown cards when you have so many of them?

    Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe

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    PM me if you are interested in a trade!!

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    Great Job Good Buddy NOW for 2000! LOL

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    Congrats on hitting the mark
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    My Chris Henry by the numbers Items: 811 OWN: 423 52.2% MEM: 307 OWN: 152 49.5% AUTO: 395 OWN: 175 44.3% Ser #'d: 711 OWN: 343 48.2% RC: 38 OWN: 37 97.4% I TRADE BY BV. Hidden Content

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    Congrats! Keep up the good work.
    Looking for any and all New York Giants!
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    Thanks, Russ

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    Congrats but i'm disappointed that I didn't pay attention as I planned on giving you your 1000th! Oh well. Congrats buddy!
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    Lol thx guys! U guys are awesome to deal with! Need some Touchdown Timmy's!
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    Bring me your Tim Brown Autos, GU, and numbered.Hidden Content

    R.I.P. chajones

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