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    Finally finished up my Grady Sizemore 2008 SPx Winning Materials set of 20!

    I've been stuck on the last one for over a year until the other day! The set of Sizemores is now complete - 7 are numbered to 25 or less:

    CLE /10, /25, /50, /25 & /99

    SPX /15, /50, /99, /50 & /150

    MLB /15, /20 & /125

    Jersey # /35 & /125

    Position /20 & /75

    SPX Die Cut /150

    Baseball /99

    UD Logo /99

    Thanks for the look!
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    Sweet looking set
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    Very cool. Wish I can have a PC like that in the future.
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    Thanks guys! I picked up the first one in 2009 so it only took 4 years, haha

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    Awesome set! Are you going to get them framed?
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    Those look terrific all lined up together. Congratulations!


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    Thanks, I won't be framing them as I'm not yet established at a permanent residence. I should be ready to buy a home in a year and half or so and then I might be able to showcase some of my stuff.....knowing I won't have to move it every 12 months, haha. For now, the boxes of cards will have to do.

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    That is awesome! Didn't realize how many variations there are in these sets.
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    This is great, but man, how ridiculous is Upper Deck for this many variations? Great job finishing!
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