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    High/Mid/Lowend Autos & Game Used

    I'm looking to thin down & hope to trade some of these towards former University of Kentucky guys, Reds, Bengals & select other Basketball. LMK if you can use anything. I'm gonna try to throw together a football & baseball list as well. Added some new stuff!
    2012-13 SPA
    Reggie Miller By the Letter Auto /10
    Will Barton Auto

    2012-13 Brilliance
    John Stockton Marks of Brilliance Auto /25

    2012-13 Leaf Metal
    John Chaney On Card Auto /50

    AUTOS:03-04 UD Finite Signatures Gary Payton BGS 9.5

    Carmelo Anthony Topps Marks of Excellence Auto (not in bestof shape…got cheated in a trade on it)

    07-08 Hot Prospects Kevin Durant AutographicsRookie Year Auto On-card

    07-08 Stadium Club AUTOS
    Raja Bell Beam Team Gold /25
    Arron Afflalo X-Fractor
    Javaris Crittenton X-Fractor
    Igoudala/Young Future Foundation Dual Fabric/Auto

    07-08 Stadium Club
    DJ Strawberry /999

    08-09 SPx AUTOS
    Michael Beasley Triple Relic (2 white & 1 red) Auto(Home Version) /99
    Ryan Anderson Triple Relic (all white) Auto (Home Version)/599

    08-09 Topps Signatures AUTOS
    Brandon Roy /649
    Mickael Pietrus

    08-09 Topps AUTOS
    Ryan Anderson Rookie Photoshoot
    08-09 Hot Prospects Mario Chalmers Letter Auto “A”

    09-10 Prestige AUTOS
    Blake Griffin OklahomaPatch Auto /99
    Serge Ibaka Bonus Shots /250
    Tyreke Evans Draft ‘09
    Jordan Hill Bonus Shots #1/25
    DeMarre Carroll Mizzou Patch Auto /100

    09-10 Threads AUTOS
    James Johnson Rookie Collection Jersey/Auto /50
    Jonas Jerebko Rookie Class Letter Auto “R” /700

    09-10 Crown Royal AUTOS
    Byron Mullens /699

    09-10 Upper Deck AUTOS
    Bailey Howell SP Signature Collection SP
    Jamario Moon Signature Collection
    James Johnson Signature Collection

    09-10 Court Kings AUTOS
    Andre Igoudala

    09-10 Contenders AUTOS
    Darren Collison
    Byron Mullens
    Jeff Pendergraph
    DeMarre Carroll

    09-10 Certified AUTOS
    Tyler Hansbrough Freshman Fabric Jersey/Auto /399
    Jordan Hill Freshman Fabric Jersey/Auto /399

    09-10 SP Game Used AUTOS
    DeAndre Jordan/Walter Sharpe Multi Marks
    Alex English Retro Rookie Exclusive Signatures /100

    09-10 Rookies & Stars
    Rick Barry Patch Auto /199

    10-11 Classics AUTO
    Dexter Pittman /699

    10-11 Prestige AUTOS
    Avery Bradley Bonus Shots /99
    Wesley Johnson Draft ’10 Patch Auto
    Wesley Johnson Draft ‘10
    Wesley Johnson Draft Pick Rights /99
    Lazar Hayward Draft ’10 Patch Auto
    Trevor Booker Draft’10
    Cole Aldrich Bonus Shots /99
    Cole Aldrich Prestigious Picks /249
    Xavier Henry Draft ‘10
    Dexter Pittman Draft ‘10
    Luke Harongody Draft ’10 Patch Auto

    10-11 Threads AUTOS
    Greg Monroe /399

    10-11 Contenders AUTOS
    Quincy Poindexter Contenders Patch Auto
    Solomon Alabi Contenders Patch Auto

    12-13 Prestige AUTOS
    Nolan Smith Prestigious Picks
    Nikola Vucevic Prestigious Picks

    12-13 Prizm AUTOS
    Nate Tiny Archibald
    Jeff Taylor
    Lavoy Allen
    Shelvin Mack

    Marquee AUTOS
    Lance Thomas
    Dontas MotieJunas

    12-13 Absolute AUTOS
    Jordan Hamilton /399

    12-13 Leaf AUTOS
    Jordan Taylor

    12-13 Hoops AUTOS
    Lester Hudson
    Jon Leuer


    07-08 Stadium Club
    Steve Nash Full Court Press /99
    Carmelo Anthony /499
    Shaq Beam Team
    Deron Williams Beam Team
    Tony Parker Beam Team
    Jeff Green Full Court Press
    Baron Davis Full Court Press

    08-09 SPx
    Shaq Winning Materials
    Paul Pierce Winning Materials
    YaoMing/Tracy McGrady Winning Materials Combo
    Al Thornton/Marcus Camby Winning Materials Combo
    BrandonWright/Monte Ellis Wining Materials Combo

    09-10 Prestige
    Tim Duncan Preferred White Jersey/150
    Chase Budinger Prestigious Picks Black (Red Jersey) /25
    Chase Budinger Prestigious Picks (Red Jersey)x2

    09-10 Upper Deck
    Carmelo Anthony Game Materials Gold /150
    Brandon Roy Game Materials Gold /150
    Corey Maggette/Sheldon Williams Dual Game Materials Gold/150
    Jason Kidd/Kirk Hinrich VS Materials (Kidd is 2 color)
    Kevin Garnett/Chris Webber VS Materials
    Dwight Howard/Ilgauskas VS Materials
    Carmelo Anthony Game Materials
    Mehmet Okur Game Materials
    Ben Gordon Game Materials
    Shawne Williams Game Materials
    Bogut/Ilgauskas VS Materials

    09-10 Certified
    Chris Paul Fabric of the Game /250
    Jonny Flynn Fabric of the Game /99

    09-10 Threads
    Hasheem Thabeet Rookie Collection /250
    Jordan Hill Rookie Collection /250
    Gilbert Arenas /100
    David Lee /100

    09-10 Court Kings
    Dwight Howard Portraits /299
    Richard Jefferson /149
    Mark Eaton /149

    09-10 Rookies & Stars
    Amare Stoudemire /250
    Jonny Flynn Freshman Orientation /299 x2

    09-10 SP Game Used
    Shaq/Okur Combo Materials /499
    Pacers Fabric 4-somes Ford/Daniels/Dunleavy/Granger /199

    09-10 Classics Sam Dalembert Dress Code /199

    09-10 Season Update Anthony Morrow Rookie Challenge

    09-10 Topps Rudy Gay Roundball Remnants

    10-11 Classics Jerry West Classic Greats /49

    10-11 Gold Standard
    Chris Bosh Gold Mining /299
    Emeka Okafor Gold Crowns /249

    10-11 Certified
    Channing Frye Blue /99
    Tony Parker Red /249
    Anthony Morrow Red /249

    10-11 Prestige
    Tony Parker Playmakers 3 Color Patch(Black/White/Grey/White/Black Breaks) /49
    Baron Davis Playmakers /249
    Dwayne Wade Prestigious Pros Gold /99
    JR Smith Prestigious Pros Green /499
    Terrence Williams Prestigious Pros Green /499
    Omri Casspi Prestigious Prod Green /499
    Luke Harongody Prestigious Picks Green /499
    LaMarcus Aldridge Franchise Favorites /249

    11-12 SP Authentic
    Tobias Harris Jordan Brand Blue Jersey
    Josh Selby Jordan Brand Blue Jersey

    12-13 Prestige
    Tyson Chandler Inside the Numbers

    Low #’d/Refractors/Etc

    98-99 Michael Jordan Noyz Boyz BGS 9.5 (SELLING ONLY)

    98-99 Fleer Tradition KobeBryant Electrifying BGS 9

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    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    check me for the durant hot prospects
    Collecting HIGH end HOF Basketball Autos(Preferably On Card) and Patches. Feel free to check my bucket anytime. Always looking to trade. Hidden Content

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    I like these?

    Lebron James Refractor
    Collecting: Lebron James, Kyrie stuff for my son and whatever catches my eye.

    List of Lebrons I HAVE:

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    My bucket
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    44 Magnum- Any interest in these:

    2002 Press Pass Pros Jamaal Magloire Auto
    04-05 SPx Winning Materials Magloire GU
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    if interested in doing a PWE trade.. i can use this
    Carmelo Anthony Team USA
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    Mike-Nothing I could use on the Durant

    Cavsfan- I liked the Cuz auto & Wall/Bledsoe/Patterson/Cuz quad

    JFried-I’d be interested in the auto

    RyU-I’d be looking for University of Kentuckyguys, but am fine with PWE
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    Magnum 44- Can you see if I have anything else of interest to add? I am interested in any and all of the Barry and English Autos and the West GU.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JFried1029 View Post
    Magnum 44- Can you see if I have anything else of interest to add? I am interested in any and all of the Barry and English Autos and the West GU.
    I could use these:

    96-97 Hoops Bryant PSA 10
    96-97 SP Bryant SGC 98
    96-97 SP Walker RC PSA 9
    96-97 Topps Chrome Antoine Walker PSA 9
    97-98 Topps Chrome Duncan PSA 9
    03-04 Topps Chrome Anthony PSA 9
    11 Upper Deck All Time Greats IllustriousSignatures Drexler (#1/10)

    97 Topps Chrome Dillon RC
    99 Stadium Club Chrome Couch (need to seeif I have)
    99 Topps Chrome Refractor Couch #151 (needto see if I have)

    I'm sure there were more from your rookie list too, if you don't want to deal any of those.
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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    Hidden Content > Currently trading for: 2013/14 Intrigue Slam Ink | 2005/06 SP Signature Edition Signatures

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmintz View Post
    Not a lot...just depends what you'd need for it.
    Always looking for Eric Davis cards/items to add to my collection:
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