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    Al Bundy Game Used Polk High Autograph 1/1 Patch Card

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    ahhahaha that is funny
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    Fake? I give him credit for creativity :)

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    That is a shame that it is not from his 4 TD game, which he always talks about in the show. It would go for a crazy amount.

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    i remember years ago on beckett someone ohotoshopped an spa al bundy polk high auto patch and had it in their sig. i was hoping this would be it

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    jaydepasse, that was no photoshop job. It's a real collection by a member who at least used to be on here, and I am pretty sure is still on BO and/or Beckett. They were even a supercollector in Beckett at one time. He has pretty much every Al Bundy card out there!
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