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    2 more names, for the VIP program

    Both of these players will be a part of the National VIP program.

    Pat Listach: Former Brewer Shortstop and 1992 AL Rookie of the Year

    Jerome Walton: Former Cub Star Outfielder and 1989 NL Rookie of the Year

    2 new athletes added.

    Mike Ditka: Da Coach, Legendary Bears Head Coach, Legendary Bear and Cowboy Tight End, Pro Football Hall of Famer. First National Appearance with TRISTAR!

    Paul Krause: Former Redskins and Vikings Safety, 8 time Pro Bowler and Pro Football Hall of Famer!
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    So I think I'll take the "megabus" up on Wednesday morning and then back on Saturday evening - I'm thinking cheap here .. I should be able to get round trip for less than $20
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    Say Doniceage you know if Engima will have any of the shirts that I got made up at the show this summer as well and also I hope ya been following the thread of those 4 crazy hooligans that are posting about their adventure leading up and during and after the show as well also are you going to make any of your customed made things like you made for Don Kessinger the last time the Nat was in Chi-Town. Armyrangers426 any good customized Chicago style of Pizza places you recommend for Spuds1961 & I to maybe have a nice lager with our Pizza thanks.
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    Uno or giordanos....not personally a Lou malnattis guy myself :/ and i would love to add a Walton ball to my collection so lmk if we can work something out!
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    Giordano`s -- just up the street ,I`ve eaten in 3 of their locations -- its always on my list of places to stop at when i`m in Chicago --
    Always looking for Predators I don't have currently --- inc. older Predators too
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    giordanos??!! no way dude, ive been here in Chicago for 11 years, I'm also a pizza connoseuer of sorts..

    LOU MALNATTIS!! Giordanos is just way to much sauce, its like eating a can of pizza sauce. IF you like that, fine, then giordanos for you, but if oyu want good, tasty, pizza and toppings, like pepperoni, garlic and sausage. LOU MALNATTIS ALL THE WAY.

    i live in skokie, about 15 mins from the convention center and look forward to the weekend and lous with all my friends coming in, would never take them to giordanos. haha

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    and for those of you staying downtown in the city (not the ohare hotels). my buddy owns a great burger place called the burger point.

    if you go, ill get you discount. he also has really really good wings!

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    Lou's sauce is just water with chunks of tomato in it...garbage! Born and' raised chicagoan, I know my pizza :) Haha but the two sides have always battled....don't forget to grab a beef sandwich too! Hot and wet is the way to go (hot peppers and dipped in the juice). Can't find that here in Texas :( man, this kinda bums me out...haha
    ***Looking for no-hitter & p.g. inscribed omlb's & signed 2012 Topps Heritage!!!***
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    Don/Tony- I intend to be there again for the 6th straight year.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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