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    Huge pull in 2012 NT?! What do y'all think??

    What type of value do you think this card will bring?? Was pulled last night....not by me....we just had a very long discussion. Its listed right now, but no one had any clue. Very vague description given by Panini though. On their site they state it is a piece of a plane, but on the back of the card.....not so much. Thoughts??

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    Pretty sweet, I would guss around 150-200. Congrats!

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    very cool pull there!! Definitely a piece of history.

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    Some said $500, some said $'s already up to $350's just the authenticity of it amongst other stuff that is raising questions....
    Looking for ANY year Gridiron Kings Patch Autos!!!

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    Wow, guess I was way off, hope it sells well!

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    NT baseball puts this stuff in it? Kind of cool.

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    Now we wait to see who pulls a Richard Nixon with a piece of the missing Watergate recording tape.
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    Great pull! If that is a piece of plane, I would rate that one of the cooler relics that has come out in a long time.

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    Nice pull and G/L with the sale
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    People destroy Topps all the time for having vague COA on their cards and this has to be one of the worst. The enclosed material is guarantee by Panini. What type of material? And what is the connection to Ameila? Great card but on something that rare and valuable they should have had better wording on the documentation of the card.
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