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    manning/brady/elway triple auto, aaron auto, dimaggio cut/bat auto, ruth!!!! ft/fs

    super cards! more on my site

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    what are you looking for on the Yanks stuff

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    check me for the Manning/Brady/Elway. Thanks

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    packers, pm sent
    bcarlson, nothing thanks

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    Still like that Dimaggio and didn't get a pm from ya before.
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    I trade by SV,PV (Common sense) only. Im only looking for PC needs.

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    What values do you have on the triple auto and the dimaggio?
    Always collecting Indy Colts, Peyton Manning (in colts or UT jersey), Current Chicago Blackhawks, Kobe Bryant, and all types of memorabilia.
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    Let me know if you like anything of mine

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    Alway buying or trading for my PC.

    PC: Bill Bates: 6/171; Daryl Johnston: 5/652; Jay Novacek: 42/567

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