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    Happy 10th Birthday to Sports Card Forum

    On March 3, 2003, Sports Card Forum was launched as a sports card discussion board by one gentleman who created the site along with some friends from the old eTopps site. Ten years later, Sports Card Forum stands as one of the longest running trading sites in the world.

    I've been fortunate to be around for most of it (joined in June 2003). While SCF has had numerous upon numerous staff as well as three owners over the years, the true growth of the site and what it is today is due mostly to the membership that has used the site through the years as well as the ones here today.

    So with that in mind, we will be holding giveaways and contests all day long. We have a multitudes of items to give out thanks to our various corporate partnerships. There will be prizes that include card cash, cards, packs and boxes (retail and hobby).

    Please enjoy the day as this is your celebration as much as it is ours. Thank you for your continued membership and I look forward to seeing what the next ten years will bring.
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    Happy Birthday SCF!
    Super-collecting Jake Locker.

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    Happy Birthday SCF !

    No longer shipping bubble envelopes to Canada since it's $6.55 for 1 ounce !
    I will still send a p.w.e if you want to trade

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    Happy 10th Birthday SCF!!!

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    Sweet! I just remembered that it was today! Happy Birthday SCF!
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    Wow 10 years already,I found the site in 2004 and have enjoyed it since,here's hoping to another 10 plus years of steady growth HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCF.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Happy BDAY SCF! Hopefully I'll still be around for the 20 year BDAY!!!!

    There will be MANY contests posted all over the forum. In the sports areas, VIP as well as several contest winner announcements in the Announcement Forum.

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    sweet! Happy Birthday SCF!
    I don't care if you need a week to ship! Perspective.

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    Happy Birthday, first site I found, gald to still be a member! Congrats!

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