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    Selling! Make offers!


    also have a ton more just showing a couple have others like:
    12-13 certified rookie jsy auto /499 chris kreider
    11-12 titanium 6 patches 5clr /25 mike green
    12-13 spgu quad team canada fabrics olsen/ellis/gudbranson/de haan 2clr
    11-12 series 1 young guns exclusives /100 sean couturier
    and a ton more nice ones just ask for more!

    make offers and pm me!

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    if you have anything from my wantlist (see signature) please let me know.
    If you can't be bothered listing your cards on Ebay, don't want to pay the high fees, deal with the lousy buyers, then sell your cards to me.

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    Pm me price on the paajarvi

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