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Thread: 12/13 ud 2

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    12/13 ud 2

    Is Upper Deck even going to release a series 2? If so does anyone know what the inserts will be.
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    Nope, it was already announced that Upper Deck Series 2 will be cancelled this year.
    However there will definitely be some form of Series 2 found in SP Authentic. But it hasn't yet been released if it will just be base, inserts etc.
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    Cancelled long ago
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    Upper Deck 2 will not be released as a standalone product. UD confirmed this a while back. There will be base cards of traded stars, players with new teams, and star players who were not included in Series 1 that will be included in a bonus pack with SP Authentic. We don't know much beyond that at this time.
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    We don't know yet. With the product not being released until June, we likely won't get final checklists for some time yet.
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    I have a bit of a problem. I never buy new products but I always do order the base set from Series 1/2 each year to put it in a binder along with cards from the last season of guys who retired the year before. It's sort of a scrapbook for me with 400 cards which are pretty much all notable players and no scrubs like in Score which has a base set with too many cards.

    So how would I substitute this? Is there anoother series that would have around 300-400 base cards of notable regular players in it?
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    Umm... not really.

    Pretty much everything else is either a larger set (Score, Victory, OPC) with a lot of 'scrubs' in it, or a 100-150 card set featuring the league's top players only.

    Black Diamond is about 200ish without the rookies, I don't know how many retired/hhof cards are in it this year.

    That said, you'll probably still be able to get a UD2 set, I'm sure some folks will build them out of the SPA boxes... but I don't know how much more than usual it will cost.. probably quite a bit.
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