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    Saturday the 16th! A great day today!!!

    Starting with my main PC

    Reggie Bush!!!


    Gold Version

    I really overpaid for this too.. I'm so mad! lol But i finally got one! I think if this card was auto'd it would be my all time fav!!! Love the colors!

    Then on to the "hopeful" future!

    Derrick Henry
    All Time Leading High School Rusher

    Both #'d/10

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    I love Monday Mail Days!!! lol
    Today, Monday the 18th of March!!!
    No Reggie's today but i got some pretty nasty stuff!!!

    Giovani Bernard #'d/5

    Next on to the new Seahawk!!!

    Percy Harvin #'d/10

    And for the "hopefully" good future of the "O"!!

    Thomas Tyner #'d/25

    And lastly, for those who have doubt, i haven't given up on him!! lol Pretty cheap too!!!

    Cam Newton #'d/299 (Booklet)

    Pretty excited today!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Got this "nastiness" in today!!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Such a frustrating day! A delivery didn't come & it said "out for delivery"... Oh and it had signature confirmation on it!! 2nd package that has been misplaced in 2 weeks! I think someone is thieving! Honestly!! lol Anyways!!!! Got these today!

    And really made me happy this made it safe!!


    I hope i get my package tomorrow! lol Or its gonna be hell!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Nice adds, I'm not a big high school football follower or anything but that Thomas Tyner swatch is sweet!

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    Today 21st March 2013 was just a overall great day especially after the bad news of yesterday of not receiving a big package i was waiting for!!
    Yet today is dedicated to


    Starting with base!!
    Thanks jjstebbs2(thecardsite)!!! I don't have many base, & really appreciated man!!

    Next a "National Sports Collector's Convention" card! PROMO!! Pretty cool, never seen it before!!

    On to a couple auto's!!


    And lastly on to GAME USED!!


    And a little banged up, but after seeing it, i had to get it!!!

    And then lastly!!! Giving the actual definition of GAME USED!! U can actually see its been "used"! Just a nasty card.... Reason why the pic is so big! lol

    Scroll Down to the bottom!!!

    Still excited!!! Man this is nice!!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Oh my goodness! Friday! The day finally came! Today the 22nd of March these came today!!!

    First a little something that i picked up, just in case he starts and does something.. lol

    Drew Stanton/25

    Next... Should be no surprise! lol

    Reggie Bush!!


    Then LASTLY!! "IT IS TIME"!!!! lol

    Been waiting all week & YES, i OVERTRADED for it! lol But i had to have it!

    Man this week has been so sick for me!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Great adds!
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    Current Project: 2013 Golden Age Minis Master Set: 683/750 cards (91.1%)

    SCF's Resident BOISE STATE Collector
    Matt Ware & Justin Cobbs Super Collector

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    Well today Monday the 25th of March... And Mondays are always good to me! lol
    Starting from a group break i did off of

    Got the Raiders out of 2012 Valor... didn't do so well! lol

    And scooped these up!!!

    Stepfan Talyor #'d/25

    Next!! My "boi" PW!!!!!

    And lastly my Main PC!! You Guessed right, Reggie Bush!! lol

    1st is from a great guy, the110yardline (John) Traded for this!!

    And the nastiest of today is!!!!

    Reggie Bush Super Collector
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    Awesome adds to the PC!
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