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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    I'd have to go with Ndamukong Suh as well. Hard to believe the guy has only been in the league for 3 seasons as it seems like he is always involved in some kind of controversy.
    He cant be named the question is football player. He is a thug and should have been kicked out of the sport.
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    I hate Suh & Vick. For obvious reasons. Animals are better...
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    Tim Tebow, I he isn't that good, and he talks way too much about stuff not football related.
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    Mark Sanchez. More of a movie star than football player.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aknot View Post
    He cant be named the question is football player. He is a thug and should have been kicked out of the sport.
    Well, let's not get out of hand here. There are quite a few players who've done MUCH worse on and off the field.
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    So I guess poster boy Tom Brady isnt dirty either.

    Suh is an amazing competitor and yea he has done some questionable things, but he mainly has his bad wrap bc he plays under a microscope. I see dirty/unprofessional play every single NFL game.

    But as far as my most hated player I would have to go with Sanchez. He is horrible and still acts like he has talent.

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    Suh is under a microscope because of the things he has done on the football field. They didn't just randomly pick his name out of a hat, and decide to start picking on him at NFL HQ. He's a punk with serious anger issues.

    As for my least favorite player in the league, Cortland Finnegan. I can't use the words I'd like to describe him, but he's d-bag. When he was going at it with Andre Johnson, I was hoping the refs would have let Johnson pummel Finnegan.

    Right behind him is Michael Vick. Scum bag. Suh is third.
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    Manti taio he gets all the ladies =(

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Eli Manning, because he thinks he's the best thing since Montana.
    this statement would be accurate if you said joe flacco
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    Quote Originally Posted by meandsharon11 View Post
    this statement would be accurate if you said joe flacco
    I don't like him either, because he also thinks far too highly of himself.
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