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    Question If you could move any current MLB franchise to a new location who would you pick?

    If you could move any current MLB franchise who would you pick? Where would you move them and why? They would keep the same players they have now but you could changed the name, location, and uniforms etc.
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    Tough call, I would say let the A's move to San Jose like they have been wanting to do. They need a change their attendance is low in Oakland, not a fan of that huge stadium they're playing in with ALL those empty seats. I would keep the name and Uni's, and as a dumb nick-name we could call them the San Jos-A's.

    Another option would be to move the Rays, great franchise on the field with terrible attendance and I'm not a fan of the uni's either. I would move them to Austin, TX. Call the team the Wonders, with they're colors Black, Fenway Green, And White. OR...Mexico City! Green, White, And Gold and call them the Eagles or Burros.

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    The Rays to any place that would actually draw fans.
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    Would a new stadium increase and keep Tampa fans going to the games down there?

    I'd move the A's out of Oakland which is a dump hole and a place they aren't drawing in to Portland Oregon. They can build a rivalry with the Mariners. They don't have much competition for fan support in the state. And it would make the trip to Seattle easier since your next game would be closer. That should increase attendance and it should be better overall for baseball in my opinion.
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    While I would love for my Red Sox to be closer to my location, I wouldn't even contemplate the move unless moving Fenway brick by brick as well! I would move closer, but I hate Winter in Indiana the way it is & couldn't imagine being in the Boston area this time of year!

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    I'd move one of the Florida franchises to Montreal. Firstly, neither Florida franchise draws well. The only time the Miami/Florida Marlins had any decent attendance were the years that they won the World Series. Tampa Bay has never drawn well, even with the competitive team that they've had the past few years.

    Next Montreal as long as they have committed ownership. They haven't had that since the Bronfman's sold the team. MLB really screwed the franchise there. And Loira, well, he's doing the same thing to Miami. He doesn't deserve to own a team. Montreal fans supported the team in the late 70's into the 80's and 90's. It was after Loira and MLB took over the teams that they were smart enough not to go to the games. If there is not the committment from ownership, why should the fans show committment? Montreal has a rich baseball history and with an ownership that is willing to spend some money and a new ball park, the people in Quebec would support the team.

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    Move the Rays to Memphis or Louisville- Louisville is a baseball city, and Memphis rakes in the fans at their AAA ballpark. It isn't too far of a move- (well it's pretty far admittedly), but they need to get that team out of Tampa.

    I think any team can succeed in Montreal. As Flyers16 said above, Loria is driving team after team into the ground...
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    I doubt Montreal will ever get a baseball team again. There are several locations in the US that would be better for baseball to put a team there and since they lost a team it will basically be tougher for them to overcome that than to never have had a team in the first place.
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    Marlins as long as i could put Loria in a Cuckoo home

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