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    Might be the sickest card in National Treasures

    One of my customers opened his own box today. BANG!

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    I collect: Marbury, Jordan, Kobe, D-Will, AI, Durantula, Westbrook
    Chicago Cubs, Giancarlo Stanton, Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings
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    Wow very nice card
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves Auto collector. I am in the process of updating all my autos to a spreadsheet and organizing them. I am always looking for Atlanta Braves RCs Autos and also nice veteran autos.
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    Props to Panini for stepping up on this product. They really needed to after the last few "high end" baseball releases they had. That is an unbelievable card.
    I collect Red Sox and have a particular interest in Dwight Evans, Manny Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz, Will Middlebrooks, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., and most prospects.

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    Beautiful card for sure. Certainly could be the centerpiece of a collection.

    Congratulations on a great pull.

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    Amazing card. Wish I had luck like that.
    Changing paths, no more set collecting. Just PC'ing Orioles Auto's and Patches.

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    Oh wow, someone pulled Joe Jackson's Knob!
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    Saw this on Panini's blog! SUPER SICK!!!
    ONLY looking for Vikings, Syracuse, and Yankees Autos and Patches.

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    That is such an amazing card. Congrats to your customer
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