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    Quote Originally Posted by gps29070 View Post
    The amazing thing about Griffey is he had a great career and his RC cards minus UD still dropped like a stone. Lesson to be learned for those chasing rookie cards today.
    The problem is that everyone bought into Griffey thinking he was going to break Hank Aaron's record. There was a debate about if he would break it but when. I remember being called crazy because I didn't think Griffey could hit 1000 career home runs. Yes there was serious talk by many knowledgeable people that Griffey could end up with 900-1000 home runs. So when he finishes with "only" 630 home runs that looks like a disappointment. I mean Jim Thome has 612 home runs right now and he basically never got any respect from collectors.
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    Jeff Francoeur 2002 Bowman Chrome Draft #23 Rookie Card

    This card was selling for $40-$50 a piece for the BASE card after he appeared on the cover of SI and they called him the next Mickey Mantle. He is still young and could still play for many more seasons but he is nowhere near being the next Mickey Mantle and the card books for only $6 now.
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    Troy Glaus 1998 Bowman Chrome and Alfonso Soriano 1999 Bowman Chrome

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    How about the ole 2007 Topps Jeter error card with Mantle and Bush? That was going for like 70 bucks when it first was found on ebay. Now, it's like 5 bucks.
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    J.D. Drew

    His Fleer Update card was a $40-$50 card and the Leaf Rookies & Stars short print was $100-$150 a card. He was hyped to be a Mickey Mantle type player as well.
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    Dontrelle Willis Rookies

    He had various rookies in 2002 products that were super hot after starting at nothing but after his 2005 season they have steadily declined back down to basically nothing. Still amazing that currently him and Brandon Webb are both out of baseball when they were two of the best young pitchers in baseball in the National League for awhile.
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    jd was good but now where mantle status, i remember his cards being high....still dont have a jd rookie lmao
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    How about Joba Chamberlain?

    His 2007 Bowman Chrome autograph was selling for over $100 after he got called up. Just saw one completed on eBay for $10.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwaldo View Post
    How about Joba Chamberlain?

    His 2007 Bowman Chrome autograph was selling for over $100 after he got called up. Just saw one completed on eBay for $10.
    How about around the same time; Matt LaPorta. He was supposed to be the next superstar but flamed out before even stepping foot on a major league field. Saw a Chrome auto of his sell for less than $5 recently.

    It's amazing how few players cards actually reach the prices their hype level command. In 2007 Chrome, it was Lincecum and Joba. Joba's prices are gone and despite 2 Cy Youngs, Lincecum's prices are the same as they were before he played a single MLB game.
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    Here's one for a set.. 1990 Upper Deck... They were priced twice as much as other cards at the time.. Now you can buy a complete set of them for under 10 bucks......

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