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    jarredsullinger, fab melo, kris joseph IP RC AUTOS MINIBALL

    Well I went to a Celtics preseason game and got sullinger, fab, and Kris to all sign on a green ball!,it was sweet getting the autos, but I don't pc them... I'm either trading this for 09-10 certified basketball or another IP Auto. This is definitely a Celtics fan item so feel free to contact me with questions.

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    Always looking to trade

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    bjmp this up for the celitcs loss :(
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    Always looking to trade

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    Anyone? No Celtics fans at all?
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    Always looking to trade

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    What do you need for that??

    i'm unsure if I have any 09-10 ceritfied... I may have accumulated an auto or two from that set... maybe some base..IDK...

    How do I go about getting that certified if I get it from you. I'm really interested since I do not have much memorabilia.
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