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    Visit to my LCS ended up with 2 Boxes of 2012 Bowman Draft & my first printing plate

    I visited my LCS a week ago with my wife to pick up some supplies, but it was mostly because she wanted to pick up some comics. As I was perusing through his collection of wax I noticed two boxes of draft peaking out. I asked to see them both and had my wife pick one as she usually has a lucky hand (only reason I am with her ). After she selects the box the owner puts the other one down right next to the register and the one we selected into the bag with her comics. After he rings us up and a rather lengthy conversation on whether it is better to be mobile or set up in a stronghold during a zombie Apocalypse (which I said mobile, just to many people to worry about trying to take your stronghold), I noticed that I had the exact amount of money for the last box, so we picked that one up too. I am really thankful we did as that box had the best hit out of the two. After hitting up the shop we were both feeling pretty hungry, so we stopped by this Peruvian place that was right around the corner. As we were waiting for our food to come I decided to open up the boxes. The first one was pretty good so I have to give my wife props. Here are the nicer hits from that box:

    I was super pumped after hitting the Dahl and went into the next box with my fingers crossed for a color auto. It was not meant to be though. I hit the Wacha Refractor auto in the second pack of the box. After that I was just kind of blowing through the packs not expecting much. Here are a few of the hits:

    But then with a few packs left I noticed a white card peaking out in the middle of the pack. I have never pulled a printing plate before so I was pretty excited. Once I got to the card it took me a second to realize who it was. At first I said to my wife "that can't be F****** Bryce Harper", but yes it was. I really like how it shows use, but it is still in good enough shape so that you can make out his image and name clearly.

    Sorry for the long read, but I was just so happy with the way everything turned out. Thanks for the look guys.
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    Nice hit on the Harper plate!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by silence7777777 View Post
    Nice hit on the Harper plate!!!
    Thanks, I appreciate that
    All 07-08 UD Premier Penmanship Auto's # to 50
    All 2005 UD Trilogy Baseball Signature Materials # to 75
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    Wow! Nice plate! That should bring in a real pretty penny on eBay.
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    Awesome plate & Congrats!
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    Nice hit!
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    Wow, and think you almost passed on that box.
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    Nice hit on the Harper plate
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    Awesome break! Congrats!
    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

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    I don't recognize many of the other names, but that Harper is awesome!
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