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    2012-13 Upper Deck - Rookie Trade 1, 2 and 3


    Can someone fill me in on what the 2012-13 Rookie Trade 1,2 and 3 are all about?



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    It is going to be a low-numbered card (they haven't specified how low, unfortunately) of one of the top three rookies of this year's rookie class.

    In late January, UD posted this on their blog

    Collectors have shared a lot of questions about Upper Deck popular rookie redemption cards that can be found in 2012-13 NHL Artifacts and also in 2012-13 NHL Upper Deck Series One. We will be sharing details on what collectors can expect for those cards and when we will be able to deliver them to the market soon. We appreciate collector’s patience while we work to acquire approvals for the company’s plans on those programs with league partners.
    I don't recall seeing anything since then, but it will be a unique card.
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    My LCS owner said the Trade UD from series one WONT be made anymore due to the lockout.
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    Ha...UD put those redemption cards in before even having approval.....that seems like a faulty business practice and misleading to the consumer if you ask to me.

    "We appreciate collector’s patience while we work to acquire approvals for the company’s plans on those programs with league partners."

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    UD put out a post last month about the cards and the Artifacts Rookie Redemptions. The cards are supposed to finalized in July, I'm going to guess it's o.k. to make the cards once the season is over.

    From the UD Website.


    Recently Upper Deck shared plans for the company’s remaining 2012-13 NHL trading card sets, but many collectors still had questions with regard to rookie redemption cards that came in two of the company’s early season products; 2012-13 NHL Artifacts and 2012-13 NHL Upper Deck Series One. We are excited to share we will be able to produce and begin delivering these cards to collectors in July, 2013.
    With that production schedule, Upper Deck is afforded a nice opportunity to make sure collectors get a great chance to get the best rookies possible as we will be able to assess how each of these players performed during their rookie season and include any late season call-ups into the mix (including rookies who potentially skate for the first time in the playoffs). We will be announcing specific players for the rookie redemption cards in 2012-13 NHL Artifacts and 2012-13 NHL Upper Deck Series One in coming months. Collectors familiar with our brands know that Upper Deck works hard to deliver fans the best players possible for these cards as we continue to bring them closer to the game they love.

    If I'm correct the UD Trade cards in series 1 were limeted to 1 in every 4 cases or somethiong like that.
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