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    WTTF Ted or Jackie

    I am looking for Ted Williams and Jackie Robinson cards especially
    13 Topps Chasing History
    Chasing History Holofoil GOLD
    Chasing History Silver
    Chasing History White (silver non-foil)
    Chasing History Holofoil GOLD

    If you have any other Jackies or Teds you want to trade lmk if you are looking for 13 Topps in trade here is a thread that has 13 Topps tradables
    or my other needs/tradeables
    or let me know what you are looking for in trade

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    JackC- Any interest in this:

    02 Donruss Originals Champions #15 Ted Williams (#/800) BV $12
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    JFried1029- THANKS for responding however I have that Ted card

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