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    FS: HUNDREDS of 2012 Topps Chrome Sepia /75 and Black /100 Refractors! SCAN HEAVY

    Received an awesome package in the mail today....nearly 300 Black or Sepia refractors from 2012 Topps Chrome.
    Black Refractors serial #'d to 100 - 1:41 hobby packs
    Sepia Refractors serials #'d to 75 - 1:55 hobby packs

    Given the odds, I have more than 26 cases (assuming 10 box cases?) worth of Black and Sepia Refractors available!

    I'm mainly looking to sell at this time to recoup some money. However, I'll always consider nice Indians needs (REF/GU/AU) in return. Feel free to send your wantlists or player/team interests if you prefer lists!

    Thanks for the look,


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    what are you looking for the 2 Buchholz refractors

    lmk thanks

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    Please let me know what you have for the Pirates.

    I am currently collecting Press Pass Red Ink and Inscription autos. Also Pitt Panthers, Pirates and Steelers autos.

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    johnmenard1: Looking for $7 dlvd for the pair

    Pirates39: Not many but have these:
    Matt Hague Black /100
    Jeff Locke Black /100
    Jeff Locke Sepia /75

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    hey, are there any Will Clark in that product?
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    Any Justin Uptons? Also interested in the bj uptons, pastornicky RC. Please let me know a price on them thanks.
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves fan. I don't collect cards anymore but do buy a pack here and there. I just had a son that I hope to get into collecting when he gets a little older. I constantly keep up with Braves news.
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    any Miggy, Verlander, Fielder, Chipper, Hamilton, Trout, Harper?
    Sorry... "Lower than ebay" makes no sense when 1 card went for $4 and the rest go for $30+
    LF Good Stuff of: R. Wilson, Peyton, Megatron, AP, T.Y. Hilton, Durant, R. Westbrook,
    S. Curry, Trey Burke, Miggy, Hamilton, Chipper, Verlander, Fielder, Trout, Harper
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