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    Post Details on 2013 Topps Heritage variations emerge as packs are ripped & cards hit eBay

    Seems like they have way too many SP, SSP, and variations & parallels this year. At what point is too much for the collector?
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    Yeah looks like a nightmare to me. Will just be going after the guys I collect and that's it. Not worth the headache of having to check each card to try to find out if it is an error or whatever.
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    The way they have so many sp's people are afraid to trade any card from this set thinking it could be listed as an sp later on.
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    Way too many variations and all the other junk. They need to slow down. It really sucks as a team/player collector to have to find 34 variations of one card.
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    I think the ramped up the variations and short prints because last years product was a little lackluster and isn't selling too well so they added all this stuff along with more autographs. The problem is I think it will turn away the majority of the Heritage buying base because those guys complete the sets and when you need also this help figuring out what is and what isn't rare it just isn't fun and isn't easy. People aren't going to waste money on something that isn't fun and easy.
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    The Harper card (#440) is just an example of being excessive. You have the regular card; the color swap variation; the image swap variation; a Senators variation; a red Target variation; I believe there's a blue Wal-Mart variation; and then the error card.

    6 variations off of one card, plus the fact that it's an SP.

    Just stop.
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