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    2012 Donruss elite extra edition blaster.

    Being that I haven't pulled any baseball autographs lately figured I'd buy something that guarantees 2 of them for 29.99 I'll list all 30 cards.

    addison russell 1

    marcus stroman 5

    pat light 6

    keon barnum 7

    brian johnson 14

    patrick wisdom 18

    tyler gonzales 23

    chris beck 28

    avery romero 32

    ryan mcneil 33

    matt koch 34

    kieran lovegrove 37

    tyler 43

    branden kaupe 47

    alex mejia 48

    ty buttrey 49

    tyler wagner 52

    kolby copeland 65

    rowan wick 71

    nick kingham 75

    omar luis rodriguez 76

    d'vone mcclure 80

    matt juengel 85

    j.t.chargois 89

    fernando perez 90

    tom murphy 91

    seth maness 94

    Insert next.

    lucas giolito elite series 14

    Ottergraphs next.

    slade smith 84 red diecut 092/100 sticker autograph.

    ty hensley 127 482/790 on card auto and one for the Yankees pc

    Not a prospector and don't really know how I did,I just wanted some OTTERGRAPHS,Thanks for the read take care Steve.
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    Not bad hard to tell with prospects as it might be an ok box now but be an awesome box at end of the yr after most have spent there 2nd yr in pro ball minor leagues. Congrats on the PC item
    I am an avid Atlanta Braves fan. I don't collect cards anymore but do buy a pack here and there. I just had a son that I hope to get into collecting when he gets a little older. I constantly keep up with Braves news.
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    Congrats on the PC addition. Always love getting something like that for the PC. Makes the break worth it.

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    Thanks guys,another one and done curiosity purchase,nice cards just not exactly what I collect though.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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