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    WTTF Dodgers rc's newer than Ethier and Kemp, and Koufax insert cards

    I have mostly Baseball, Football, and card cash to trade.


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    Please cmb. I have some Dodger stuff FT for CC. LMK thanks.

    Always looking for autos of Giants stars and Hall of Famers!

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    What Dodgers do you have?


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    I have:

    Dee Gordon Topps Chrome RC
    Jerry Sands Topps Finest Orange ref. RC /99
    Chris Reed Playoff Contenders Auto RC

    Also have Ethier and Loney Auto RC's if interested. Let me know, thanks

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    How much card cash for this:
    Chris Reed Playoff Contenders Auto RC.


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    Really don't know how CC converts...feel free to just make an offer, I'm really not that attached

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    I am sorry I forgot to ask the year on the card.


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    His RC card year in that product, 2011 I believe

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    I am also interested in the Rookie Davis NY Yankee Certified auto. Could you please get me more info on it, yr, #card.


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    Looks like CC is about 300=1 dollar? The Reed sells for about 4-6 dlvd. Don't really need/use CC but I'll give it a try, but since I don't really use it I'd ask for the high end of that 6x300= 1800 CC dlvd for the Reed. Let me know if that could work

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