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    A celebratory giveaway from me to you!!

    Hi everyone!

    It's 9PM on a Friday night, so if you're reading this you have just as much of a life as me, too bad soooo sad har de har!!

    That said, I am celebrating the fact that I've been given RESPONSIBILTY by the fine people here at SCF, I'm a brand-new (still training tho) moderator yayyyyyy!!! hopefully pave the way to being everyone's best friend, I'm giving away this particular card to one lucky random person :)

    Patrick Roy in a Avs outfit makes me sick sooooo yeah. It's leaving my PC.

    If you want in, all you have to do is reply with your user name BEFORE 6 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, and will do the rest by the process of elimination. This is open to anyone and everyone since it's all random, even you you're a Leafs or Bruins or Hawks fan (hahahaaa 6-2 loss to the Avs tonight - FINALLY)

    That's it, that's all, Go Habs and seeyas all around the SCF boards!
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    No more Keslers, thanks

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    Enter me in for the draw for the card. Thanks
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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the contest!

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    Sure why not. Congrats on the promotion
    Looking for tough guys and fighters show me what you gotHidden Content
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    Please enter me! Thanks for the contest!
    Always Looking for Tyler Bozak and Bo Horvat!

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    i'll try a shot at this too.thanks

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    sweet stuff thanks for the draw. congrats on the promotion

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    Congrats for the promotion and thanks for this nice contest! I'm in ;)

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    Congrats for getting the mod job, couldn't have went to a better member so I'll join in on the fun. On a side note have the cards arrived yet? They were sent realllllly late so dunno if they got there yet

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    Wow! You are awesome! Nice card - NostalgicJolt
    Have a collectible day! Looking for Texans, Oilers(Not Titans), USFL Gamblers, Older Dolphins(Marino, Griese, Morris, Csonka, etc), Older Raiders(Stabler, Casper, Bilitnekoff), Alfred Morris rookies & inserts and in baseball any year Nolan Ryan cards.

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