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    Question Anybody else think this ended a little too high?

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    Uhhh yeah from $5 to almost $10k from someone with 0 and 10 feedback . . . calling BS on this one
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    That's insanely high...The only star player on that card is Durant
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    And it's only a single-colored swatch, lol.
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    High? I think that's a sick deal. I'm now going to troll eBay hoping to god another one becomes available. When it does I'm throwing down at least $15,000 and don't try to get in my way!

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    Darn, theres someone on here selling one for $9 delivered.
    Might offer him $50 and makes some $$$
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    Wow, just wow.

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    I bet it is either himself who bought it or one of his friends for a joke
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