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    I would laugh, but at 500k, it's tough
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    I think we all know that Jesus is not a Yankee fan
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    yeah jesus definatly wouldnt be a yankee.
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    Hmmm... They have 27 World Series Championships....

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    Lmaoooo National league but a Yankee...
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    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan6986 View Post
    Lmaoooo National league but a Yankee...
    Thats why its $500k it's an error card.

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    Overpriced. Everybody knows Jesus can't hit the breaking stuff.
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    I would laugh if somebody actually bought this card
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    This seems extremely sacreligious and a good way to offend others. To add insult to injury he is wearing a Yankees cap. Everybody knows that if Jesus played he would be for the Braves. I figured this was a common fact.

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