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Thread: Pick your team

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    Pick your team

    Ok i have lots of base, inserts, and parallels from several years of baseball, so i am offering this, pick your team as long as you are the first you can either pay the postage cost of the cards and they are yours or, you can trade me st louis cardinals, u pick your team i go thru collect all of that team and send them that easy,

    teams gone so far are

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    I collect Red Sox.
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    I'd love to trade you some Cardinals for any Twins cards you happen to have- Thanks!
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    Also collecting Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer, sets, Wild, North Stars
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    Interested in Red Sox, whatever ShadowKing doesn't take, willing to trade.

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    What years of St L Cards are you looking for?

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    I would be interested in the Cubs and possibly some Yankees.
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    How many Rangers do you have?
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    i'd like the yankees, i'll be happy to pay postage. if not i'd like angels.

    this is an awesome offer, thank you

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    Dodgers for me. and Angels for my nephews if I can take 2.. if not just the Dodgers.. thanks
    Always looking for new Dodger Items!

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    Interested in KC Royals, how many do you have?
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