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    2013 Topps Hobby Jumbo Pack unpacking

    Here we are unpacking 1 Jumbo Pack from Topps 2013 Series 1. It comes 50 cards per pack.

    Hidden Content - Looking for Hidden Content GU/Auto of players in uniform.
    Basketball - A.Drummond Baseball - J.Verlander/M.Cabrera
    Football - Barry Sanders/Calvin Johnson/M.Stafford
    Hockey - H.Zetterberg/P.Datsyuk/S.Yzerman/C.Osgood/N.Lidstrom
    Hidden Content

  2. 2bros - Exclusive 3 (2/19) - Moved 4/25
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    I keep hoping Stacy will pull something huge,I want to hear her freak out voice,not a bad break for one pack I was hoping you guys would hit a relic or auto,better luck next time.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

    Let us Pray.Hidden Content

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