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    National Treasures, 2 tin break. 3 nice hits for sure!

    Dealer got in one more case of National Treasures so I took a shot at two:

    Base mem cards - not scanned

    Adam Dunn bat
    Matt Weiters jersey

    Base Jersey cards:

    My comments, never did like Carlton or Alomar, so these were not too hot. Yes, I know they are Hall of Fame players, I just did not care for either. My two cents!

    Rookie auto:

    I know nothing about either of the above players??

    Auto Jersey cards

    Odd he signed on the swatch instead of the card????

    Local player and I like the kid

    Older player bat card

    If the picture does not show it is George Kelly

    Booklet from the second pack:

    Absolutely NOTHING to write home about on the above booklet, but the pack that it came out of was not a waste based on two other cards!

    Booklet from pack one:

    Saw the short number and thought I had hit an old timer.

    Not so:


    Now on the top three cards:

    From pack one:

    So the value of pack one was the Nap Lajoie bat and the Palmer auto "cakes" card.

    What was the value from the pack that had the A-FRAUD booklet?

    Ty Cobb bat

    and this gem! Not sure where the patch swatch comes from so any help would be appreciated.

    # 8/8

    That's break, pulling the Griffey, Nap and Ty bat cards was a great treat for sure.

    Good luck with your breaks.

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    MODS =

    Can you please move this to the box breaks section. Posted in the wrong place.


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    nice break the griffey almost looks like a piece of laundry tag but dont know for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clemson2012 View Post
    nice break the griffey almost looks like a piece of laundry tag but dont know for sure.
    Maybe so? Thanks for the insight.

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    The griffey patch lookes like the R in Russell Athletics Gear

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    Sweet Griffey and Cobb. I also like that Brett Jackson.
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    WOWOWOWOW....makes me sick!!! I would LOVE That Griffey!!!!!!!
    Added stuff Tradelist.....Still rebuilding tho.
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    WOW! That Griffey is amazing! Nice pulls.

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    Cmb for the Nap and Kelly please
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