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    Which do you prefer and why?

    Out of these three which do you prefer the most and why?


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    I like the refractor-like quality and deeper colors of the first. Tough call, though - all three are beautiful, low # MJ Exquisite autos. I guess you asked us because you had a difficult time picking one yourself? lol
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    Well I would take any of the 3...LOL

    However I loved the black Uni's so I would go for the last one....

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    The middle one, looks like he is deep into a game.

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    The pictures really don't do justice, but fortunately I've seen cards from all these sets in person. I definitely like the first one's design the most. Also think the first one of these 3 has the best signature if you were comparing these 3 specific cards.

    BTW jordan23, if i may, I would love to see pictures of your pc if you have a link available. Seems you have really good taste lol
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    3rd one...I like the 1st one's "bling" factor, but the pic is cheesy and it might as well be a non-licensed card since you can't see the team name on his jersey...the 2nd one has an awful picture imo, and the auto on the last one looks the most bold/centered. All are nice cards but #3 would get my vote

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    I like the second one. Card looks sharp and clean to me. Obviously they all look awesome.
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    To me the colors on the first one work really distracting, and it takes away from Jordans picture and auto. I like the 3rd one the most, it has a nice balance in colors, well centered design and nice auto that pops out on the card. Myself i would go for the third, but with the middle Enshrinements a very close second.
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    Definitely the top one. But they are all great. Any MJ is a good one.
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