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    Cobb-Gimme,gimme...tiny bonus incoming.

    No base, please.
    Prefer at least 2 cards, but will def accept 1 card offers...below ebay.
    Scans & prices get priority.

    Will def check offers of Rodgers, Matthews, Driver, Jennings, Woodson

    If anyone can sell me an XL Cobb jersey, LMK

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    People have started asking me if I'm parting w/any Jennings since he signed w/Vikings & if I was sad about the signing.

    I said it depended on offer.
    As for signing...Cobb had 80 catches & almost 1000 yds(receiving alone). Jones led LEAGUE w/14 TDs!!!

    Cobb, Nelly, Jones,Finley(aka "Stone Hands") had 3150 yds & 32 TD(1 PR).

    3500 35 is a definite...not sweatin' it at all!!

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    I have been lucky pulling him lately. Pulled a timeless treasures rookie auto and a plates and patches 2 color patch auto if interested.

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    Depends what ur askin'...scans?

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    Haven't checked on what they go for, will try and scan tomorrow

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    Always looking for Falcons I don't have. Auto's, GU'd, Patches, #rd.......
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    Depends on cost....just bought sick patch au about hr ago.

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