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    2012 Panini Prime Cuts and 2013 Topps Heritage... MOJO?

    Flew into San Diego Tuesday for some post deployment leave and my first urge was to swing by my favorite card shop in Santee All Star cards.. instead I held off atleast for 2 days. All day yesterday at Disneyland for my nephews birthday all I could think about was busting wax yet this morning on my run I had my reservations on driving there but I am glad I did...

    First the Primecuts which I opened in a 7-11 parking lot while I was buying a coke zero so I could put a dip in for the 25 minute drive home. Not sure how I did on these kind of an impulse buy.

    Thurman Munson Jersey 13/15

    Barry Larkin Jersey Auto 23/25 wish it was on card

    Now on to the Heritage hits

    Box Loader Zoilo Versalles

    Bryce Harper Action SP

    Daniel Murphy Black Back

    And the real hit... I think

    Felix Hernandez Chrome... thought it was a regular chrome until I turned it over to look at the numbering

    The Jeter is going for 300 with a couple days left... only other gold border I see on ebay... Not sure what it is worth

    Glad I stopped by and told them I would be back next week for a Topps Tribute but I will probably be back sooner for another box crap is too much fun

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    That's a sweet looking Felix!
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    Nice break!
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    Awesome break.
    What Jeter are you referring to?

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    the gold.. I realize Hernande isn't on that level of collecting. Actually saw one on ebay that didn't sell at all for Hernandez

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