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    Lightbulb Cards of star athletes in sports they aren't known for

    A lot of athletes have cards in sports they aren't really well known for so I thought I'd make a thread where people can share them since it might not be well known if you don't collect multiple sports. So feel free to post any guys who have cards in sports they aren't well known for playing in throughout this thread.

    Brock Lesnar football rookie card. Probably more well known for UFC or WWF than his attempt at trying to make the NFL.

    Bill Goldberg college football rookie card. Former WCW and WWF champion

    Before he was the starting QB for the Browns Weeden was a pitching prospect for the New York Yankees
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    Interesting idea.

    I know of a few, will try go post pics.
    Drew Henson was QB at Michigan, projected #1 pick. Left college early since he was drafted by the Yankees and ended up never making it out of the minor leagues. Went back to football and played a bit in the NFL as a backup QB but never became the big star they thought he would. He has some minor league (and probably major league) baseball cards.

    John Lynch, football player for the Tampa Bay Bucs and Denver Broncos, was a pitching prospect. Has several minor league baseball cards and also threw the first pitch ever in the Marlins organization (in the minor leagues).

    I believe that Tom Glavine also has a hockey card.
    Michael Jordan has many baseball cards from when he tried to make it with the Chicago White Sox.

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    Danny Ainge was another one,he was in the Bluejays organization and went on to play for the Celtics.
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    Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson of WWE fame also played college ball and has a couple of college cards. Also Russell Wilson has some minor leauge baseball cards as well.
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    Brian Jordan was a pretty good baseball player but you might not have known he played for the Falcons and was a 2 sport athlete like Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson.

    Wahoo McDaniel played in the NFL and held the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship a record-tying five times.

    Ryan Minor was probably better known as the prospect that didn't pan out of the Baltimore Orioles.
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    Ricky Williams.... Ex-NFL Star and Hollistic Medicine Doctor

    Pic came from here....
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    Neat Idea for a topic... I guess I have to go with the one and only!

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    Charlie Ward

    He was a college QB but is probably better known for playing in the NBA with the Knicks
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    Dual Autograph of Quincy Carter & Chad Hutchinson

    Both guys played baseball but they are probably better known for being Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks.
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    Chris Weinke is probably better known as a football player rather than a baseball player as he won a Heisman Trophy in college football.
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