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    Turkey Red Football Coming? What do you think?

    New info from Topps about 2012 Football coming. Here is the checklist. Didn't know about this one. Supposedly has RG3 & Luck as SP cards. So what do you think?
    Have a collectible day! Looking for Texans, Oilers(Not Titans), USFL Gamblers, Older Dolphins(Marino, Griese, Morris, Csonka, etc), Older Raiders(Stabler, Casper, Bilitnekoff), Alfred Morris rookies & inserts and in baseball any year Nolan Ryan cards.

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    Nice...I always liked the set except for the quality of the card itself (the colored cards always seemed chipped on the edges and soft corners...)

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    I have always loved this set, glad to see it coming out......yeah and Dean that always bothered me too. I wish they could figure that out......I have ten to twelve nic autos where the card is all banged up!
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    ehh. Its an online only product. wont be in retail or hobby stores. That sucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titantron View Post
    ehh. Its an online only product. wont be in retail or hobby stores. That sucks
    Online only what does that mean>?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardcollectorman View Post
    Online only what does that mean>?
    You can only buy the product at
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    it was boring back in 06, cant imagine it will be that much more exciting
    Please realize when making offers, that shipping in a bubble mailer isn't free!

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    People were happy about this in baseball until they started opening it up and seeing multiple garbage autographs with very poor coalition. If they don't fix that for the football version I wouldn't touch it.
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