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    Question Current baseball player you dislike the most?

    What current baseball player do you dislike the most and why?
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    For me I guess it would be Alex "Roid"Riguez b/c of all the steroid reports that have come out and he has done it several times.
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    ^Alex Rodriquez as well. I could list numerous reasons why.

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    I think any answer other than A-rod is just plain wrong. He's cheated the game in so many ways. There are a handful of dirt-bags, but hes the king.

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    Too bad this wasn't a football thread. I'd throw Cortland Finegan's name so fast your heads would spin.

    As for baseball, I'm not a fan of A Rod, but I don't know if I strongly dislike anybody in the Majors now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeausouth View Post
    Too bad this wasn't a football thread. I'd throw Cortland Finegan's name so fast your heads would spin.

    Here's the football version
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    skip schumaker
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    Ryan Braun is up there for me, but nobody can pass the overrated Derek Jeter.
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    I used to hate the Youk, but he really doesn't seem all that bad. I guess it comes with the territory (Boston). Some of my dislikes are guys like A-Fraud, Braun, Greinke, Harper, etc.

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