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    2011 So Game Used Soccer Case #3

    This was by far my favorite case yet. Donovan by the letter, Quad Patch /10, a bunch of premium authentic fabrics I didn't have.

    I'm keeping DeRo/DeGuzman, Beckham/Donovan, Arnaud/Espinoza, Donovan, Ream, Donovan, Cummings, Joseph premium fabrics.

    All other are for sale or trade.

    Stuff I want:
    Here's my want list:
    2011 Upper Deck MLS
    Danny Mwanga & Sebastian LeToux Dual Materials Teammates Premium /25
    LeToux, Wondolowski, Henry, Cummings Quad Materials Premium /10

    2012 Upper Deck MLS
    LeToux & Sanvezzo Dual Marks /10
    LeToux Materials Premium /10
    LeToux, Henry & Hassli National Pride Premium /15
    Adu, Shea & Agudelo National Pride Premium /15
    LeToux, Lindpere, Beckham, Henry Quad Materials Premium /10
    LeToux, DeRosario, Ching & Henry Quad Materials Premium /10
    Mwanga, Bunbury, Agudelo, Nagbe Quad Materials Premium /10

    2011 SP Game Used MLS
    Ruiz & Pappa Authentic Fabrics Dual Premium /25
    Ruiz, Donovan & Ferreira Authentic Fabrics Triple Premium /15
    LeToux Inked Fabrics /15
    Mwanga Significance /10
    LeToux Significant Numbers /9
    LeToux Supreme Fabrics /10
    Najar/Espinoza - Dual Authentic Fabrics /99
    Gonzalez/Najar/Franklin - Triple Authentic Fabrics /50

    Also need various Authentic Premium Fabrics

    2011 Sp Game Used Authentic Newcomers

    2011 Sp Game Used Authentic Fabrics Non-Numbered
    Wondolowski, Keller, Wynn

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    Any way I can persuade you out of keeping your Espinoza/Arnaud?

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    This was definitely the Landon Donovan case!! Great pulls! Are you gonna break any more or are you done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crklemp View Post
    Any way I can persuade you out of keeping your Espinoza/Arnaud?
    I thought I already sold you one of those a while back. I'm keeping that one. No interest in the Arnaud auto?

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    Yes you did, I already have a few aranud autos. If at any point you get rid of your Espinoza/Arnaud then I'm your go-to guy!! And I sent you a pm

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    wow! now that's what you call a case! nice to see ching, a fellow hawaii native :)

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    Do you still have the Arnaud Significance card?

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