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    Who is Your Favourite Underrated Player to Collect?

    Fun discussion question here - who is a player on your favourite team that you enjoy collecting?

    It can be a main PC or just a side one in addition to a more prominent guy.

    For me, it's Alexei Emelin.

    While Carey, Josh, and Max still eat up the majority of my hobby dollars, I really have taken a liking to Emelin and his game. His cards can be picked up pretty cheap and he's featured in just about every set last year. Indeed, he got to be one of the NNO RC's in Score, and as a consequence of that I ended up parting with more to get that RC than I did for my plain-white-patch Cup RC!
    Carey Price fan and collector!
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    Being my home-town team, I've grew up watching the Leafs. This year I've really taken a liking to Frazer McLaren. The guy doesn't get the most minutes but he can just do almost anything (albeit he rarely scores).
    I recently started a project to pick up every single one of his 13 True RCs (cheap cheap cheap ;) ) and it's been a blast so far!

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    While I havent started collecting him yet...I think it has to be Calvert on the Jackets. Love his style of play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbjhockey61 View Post
    While I havent started collecting him yet...I think it has to be Calvert on the Jackets. Love his style of play.
    That was an absolutely filthy move he pulled on Howard in the shoot-out not too long ago!

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    If I had to pick, either Casey Cizikas or David Ullstrom. I know its a little biased but both are studs and will develop properly over time if the Islanders don't wreck the team. Either them or John Tavares who simply doesn't get any credit for half the stuff he does. if the Hart trophy was picked as the MVP based on who's the most important for their team, he'd be it. Without him, the Islanders simply are lost 3/4 of the time (more then they already are).
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    Chris Higgins and Jannik Hansen for sure.
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    Darren Helm
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    Is Radu a underrated player ? :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barahir View Post
    Is Radu a underrated player ? :)
    IMO, hes over rated
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