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    leaving negative feedback on e-bay for the first time!

    I bought a nice lot of cards on e-bay about a month ago and never received them. The seller didn't respond to messages so I opened a dispute a week ago......then he promptly replied that he'd have them out in 1 or 2 days MAX.
    Another week goes by and he doesn't provide confirmation of shipping and AGAIN doesn't reply to messages. I then escalate the case to e-bays hands..........then he promptly replies that he'll have them out Monday or issue a refund! What a joke. E-bay refunded my money today so my hands have been washed clean of this seller's shenanigans.

    NOW, I want to leave negative feedback

    HOWEVER, the seller never left me feedback so I'm wondering what I can do to protect my feedback from retaliation? Anyone ever been in this scenario? Suggestions?

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    sellers cant leave buyers negative feedback so you are safe
    If you lowball me on a 2.00 offer, please prepare to be ignored. Come on folks...

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    haha, I guess you can tell how much I sell

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