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    Post MLBPA grants Upper Deck a baseball card license

    Upper Deck is back in the baseball card business with a license from the MLB Players Association.

    The company announced its plans to return to the field on Monday with 2013 Fleer Retro baseball — a high-end product with a selection of remade memorable inserts from its Fleer portfolio.

    This puts the company, which lost its MLB Properties license in 2010, back into the baseball fold more firmly with three products set to arrive in the coming months.

    It’s unclear when Upper Deck and the MLBPA may have severed ties, but in 2010 the PA publicly advised its players to stop signing for the company, which had not made due payments. Last year, while MLB Properties was seeking unmade settlement payments stemming from its trademark infringement lawsuit, the MLBPA approved a licensing agreement for 2012 SP Signature Edition.

    Now, with all of its books apparently in order, the MLBPA is allowing Upper Deck to proceed making union-approved cardboard. That allows it to use current players (non-prospects) in bulk in its products, but not with MLB-owned logos and names on the cards. (Panini America was granted the same license in September 2011.)

    “We’re thrilled,” said Upper Deck’s Chris Carlin of the news. “We have been trying to delicately figure out how we wanted to re-introduce ourselves into the baseball market. Working with the MLBPA is a great way to do that.”

    According to the company, Retro will include nods to past favorites such as Metal Championship, Ultra Stars, Flair Hot Gloves and E-X A Cut Above for starters. It will be the first product to arrive this year. Two of the new releases will be MLBPA-approved, while the third will showcase only retired players, which doesn’t need union licensing.

    Carlin also mentioned that Upper Deck has one licensing advantage over all of its competitors.

    “We’re positioned in a way like no one else with collegiate license and product as well,” he said. “We’re looking to leverage the power of the collegiate license and incorporate that into some of our baseball releases.”
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    It will be nice to have UD back in baseball again, even if they don't have the MLB license!

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    This is fantastic news! Love to see UD back, albeit no logos or names allowed. I hope they come up with some nice new products, but not too nice so I can afford a couple boxes!
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    Maybe this will mean I will get my sweet spot fix! I died a little when they stopped it for football

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    They had this license back in 2010 and the set was deemed as disaster as they couldn't put on uniforms or use team names and other stuff (even though they snuck it in). I can't see it working out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gps29070 View Post
    They had this license back in 2010 and the set was deemed as disaster as they couldn't put on uniforms or use team names and other stuff (even though they snuck it in). I can't see it working out.
    I just have a guess but with Upper Deck bragging about their college license maybe they will just use college photos of players in baseball? The problem with that is I don't think everyone went to college but they did that with the Fleer Retro in basketball and football. I really don't think college baseball stuff would be popular but I bet they will use it in at least one baseball product.
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    I can't get into the unlicenced stuff. Just makes for ugly cards, ie. generic colored uniforms or everyones head cut off so you can't see a cap logo. While I'd like to see some competition in the market for Topps, I really doubt I'd go for these cards.

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    i liked the 2010 ud.................
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    Cool....more blank hats, t-shirt jerseys, and city names

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    ^^^^ ya.
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