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    Question What is your oldest baseball game used card?

    What is the oldest baseball game used card that you have? Both in terms of the oldest game used card in terms of production and game used card of the earliest vintage player?

    (If it isn't clear 1997 should be the earliest game used card you can have for the year but they have made cards of players from the 1920s and earlier so that would be the earliest vintage player)
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    Earliest production: 2001
    Earliest player: Lou Gehrig, 1923
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    This is my oldest card wise, 2000 Stadium Club dirt card:

    This is my oldest player wise, 1953 Don Larsen:

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    Earliest year: 1999 Winfield and Ramirez

    Earliest player: Tris Speaker, 1907

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    oldest GU Year 2001

    oldest Player: Babe Ruth
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    earliest 2001 sp game used edition rick ankiel,jim edmonds,jd drew and fernando tatis

    i dont have an earliest player since all of my gu are from the same era (2001- 2012) (no hof or old players)
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    Fits the criteria for both. Babe started his career in 1914 and the game used seat card is from 2001. 2001 is the furthest back I have left.
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    My oldest GUed piece 1906 Joe Tinker bat from the 2003 Topps Gallery HoF and my oldest GUed card 2000 UD Andruw Jones Ball.
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