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    FS Scans New and Old

    pp/trade combos welcome... adam dunn, jay bruce rcs/autos, 2012 topps archives gold, #d jeters, tyler austin, gary sanchez
    Adam Dunn Super Collector.
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    price on the jones/hunter patch
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    Jackie BradleyJr
    and Henry Owens PC

    2004 Red Sox World Series Champs Project: 21/25
    In search of Wakefield, Embree, and Mirabelli

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    I have a low #ed Dunn glove auto I'm willing to trade for HOF g/u
    Only looking for HOF g/u at the moment that I need for my project. I'll trade by Bv or Sv. It really doesn't matter to me as long as I'm happy with what I'm getting.PLEASE PM ME B/C IT WORKS BEST FOR YOU AND ME!!!Hidden Content
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    How much are you asking for the Pujols 1/1 Red Moments & Milestones and the Pujols/Ichiro Gold?

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    like the maris and jeter gu
    Collecting Twins autos and patches and star autos/patches
    see my photobucket here -
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    paypal price on maris and jeter please and thanks

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    Missed last two responses here somehow, I will pm u today
    Adam Dunn Super Collector.
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