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    Why do people say drug and smoke free trading and cards?

    I don't smoke or anything. Why do people say this? Does smoke affect the cards? How does it?
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    If a person smokes and deals with their cards..u can smell it on them and the toploads..i got a medium rate box a few weeks ago, smelled horrible
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    Smoking yellows cardboard borders as well - sometimes I've gotten cards with originally white borders that drastically changed color. My parents used to smoke years ago, and it's amazing how yellow everything turned - books, cards, paper, etc.
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    Cards from smokers STINK and if they spend enough time with them they will get damaged (ie stained) so I'm guessing the people highlight this fact because it is a positive and saves people from answering that question if people ask them by having it in their signature.
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    Yep, I'm a smoker myself but I only smoke outside my house and if I'm about to touch cards (open a box etc...) I always wash my hands before hand.
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    Don't know if you're at all familiar with the Allen & Ginter sets, but they are a good example of what can happen to cards that are exposed to smoke. The backs, especially the 2010s, are a great white color, but one lot I got in from a guy who smoked (didn't know it at the time), the backs were all a pale tan, and you could definitely smell the smoke on them too
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    I put non smoking home on my listings...i have received cards that smell and the top loaders have a smoke film on them....

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    I can't deal with smoking.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    Yup, cards in top loaders that smell like smoke sucks big time. All it takes is one card to smell like smoke to make a whole collection smell like crap.

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