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    Slavery defender gets cheered by conservatives

    Drug and smoke free trading.

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    Let the white man speak.
    Sit the black woman down.
    God bless America!

    I will say, he started off with good points about feeling disenfranchised, but then he just kept talking.
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    "He's gone crazy," "You have to snap out of it," "Take your meds," or, "Don't be such a downer" serve only to mock, belittle, and make light of mental illness. Such phrases only continue the negative stigma and keep those who suffer from getting help. If these phrases, or phrases like them, are part of your at-hand vocabulary, you are part of the problem. #STOPtheStigma

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    I want to say I'm shocked....but I'm not.
    Logic and Reason is all you need.

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    The dumb bass white dude is shocked. Why is he shocked? Because he has no dealings with anyone on this Earth that do not think like he does. My guess is that he's never been more than one State away from his home.

    He is a Southern White jingoist, nothing more.

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