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    Gilles Gilbert
    Dickie Moore
    Harold Snepst
    Gilles Villemure
    Raffi Torres
    Ken Hodge
    Marty McSorley
    Guy Lapointe
    Murray Craven


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    Nicklas Lidstrom. He has one of the most clear and consistent signatures I've ever seen.

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    A totally uninspiring pick, but I also have to echo the Crosby pick. It's unique, easily-identified, and shows thought, character, and pleasing aesthetics. Nothing against the more classic signatures, but to me, that's not really a "signature", per se, it's just those guys writing out their names using the cursive writing that they were taught in school (and that is no longer taught or enforced). Crosby put thought into developing his signature, which is why it is such a good one.

    Props to Dan Bouchard and his psalms and his smiley face, too. Every single time.

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    I'd also like to nominate Cam Ward in the "I don't know what's going on there" category. Is his sig in klingon? I don't get it.

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    There is no debate, Jean Beliveau. Always a crisp clean Auto unlike the chicken scratches you will get from today's players.

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    Joe Thornton is one name I'm surprised hasn't made this list yet. His is pretty cool.

    Carey Price's juniors-era auto was absolutely magnificent. Tens of thousands of signatures later and it's not quite as nice, but still very recognizable.

    None shall ever compare with Jean Beliveau and The Rocket, though. Even in the latter years of their respective lives, you still see just how much they care and how much their name means to them. I found a great quote in Patrick Roy's biography (written by his father) about how a signature on a card, a piece of paper, etc. can instantly make a person's whole day, and the legends understand that to the fullest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frendo View Post
    Denis Potvin...
    But Viktor Kozlov's "VK" signature is also great!
    I was going to say Potvins, from an Islanders perspective he does have the best one.

    And some of those on card / in person autos posted above are suppose to be ugly, think all the players do that compared to the nice autos you see for the card companies.
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    Going to go with the full Foligno clan, Mike, Nick and Marcus all have amazing signatures

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    I would argue that the difference in penmanship is minimal, if at all, in comparing the signatures of Jean Beliveau (who for some reason is the highest vote getter so far) and Johnny Bower. If anything, Johnny's is cleaner, while Jean's has been getting a lot shakier these days.

    Habs fans being homers, what do you expect. :P

    *** edit: one could also argue that there are striking similarities between those of Maurice Richard and Frank Mahovlich.

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    I've always liked Daniel Briere's and older Jack Johnson as far as current players. Lots of good answers in this thread though!
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