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    Have $80 in Paypal and nothing to buy .....LOL

    I am really still contemplating getting back in to cards, been mainly doing auto'ed memorabilia lately but cards will never be 100% out of my system.

    I like:

    Reds Auto's
    Older Rc's (80's, early 90's superstars)
    Reds Patches
    Cool error cards (like the 89 Fleer Billy Ripken for example)

    Show me scans of what I could spend my money on, dont want to spend hours searching buckets.

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    Cincinnati Reds Certified Autograph Cards & Anything Dayton Flyers Basketball
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    the little general is for sale, $60pp
    Jay Shrewsbury
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    if you want some former Reds I could sell you some Juan Francisco, Drew Stubbs, or Yasmani Grandal autos

    Possibly some Heisey
    Looking for MLB: Jay Bruce; Aroldis Chapman; Eric Hosmer; Brett Lawrie; Alex Gordon; Buster Posey. NFL: Matthew Stafford. NBA: Eric Gordon.


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    Got these, shoot me a pm if you need any

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    i have a Ken Griffey JR. 2008 SPx Limited Winning Materials Patch /99

    3 colors and 6 breaks, lmk if interested and i can send you a scan.
    LOOKING FOR: Banks, Clemente, Santo, Harper and Trout RC, RC of all stars especailly older stars, Autos, Older Cubs, and Vintage of stars!
    Basketball- Bulls autographs, Anthony Davis and LeBron RC!
    TRADELIST/PC!!!!! (updated; check!!!)
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    Hey guys, thanks for the offer but I decided I am going to go after a few SGA Bobbleheads of the Reds.
    Cincinnati Reds Certified Autograph Cards & Anything Dayton Flyers Basketball
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    I have these:

    1985 620 Topps Dwight Gooden RC
    1986 386 Topps Cecil Fielder RC
    1989 206 Topps Roberto Alomar RC
    1987 320 Topps Barry Bonds RC
    1987 36 Donruss Greg Maddux RC
    1989 548 Fleer Ken Griffey, Jr. RC
    1989 343 Topps Gary Sheffield RC
    1989 647 Topps Randy Johnson RC
    1990 89 Topps John Olerud RC
    1990 97 Topps Curt Schilling RC
    1990 414 Topps Frank Thomas RC
    1990 701 Topps Bernie Williams RC
    1990 757 Topps Larry Walker RC
    1992 69 Topps Kenny Lofton RC

    I also have a Ryan Wagner auto, if you're interested.


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