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Thread: 2013 Heritage

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    I have these for you - are you willing to buy or just trade?

    base - 30, 35, 60, 121, 135, 164, 202, 203, 318, 371, 380, 397
    sp - 473
    then&now - BV
    memorable moments - DO
    new age perf - RD

    LMK if you need them, i'll set them aside and we can go from there. Thanks - craig
    looking to accomplish Tevin Coleman 2015 Topps Chrome rainbow
    looking to accomplish TY Hilton 2012 Topps Chrome rainbow
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    Then and now: Marichal/Gonzalez, Bunning/Verlander
    Memorable Moments: Cain perfect game
    New Age: Dickey, Cain, King Felix, Kemp
    Flashbacks: Poitier


    PM if interested
    "My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast." Harry Caray
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    Collects: Cubs Topps Parallel sets
    TTM project 1987 Topps

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    Down to mostly inserts and SPs but I will trade relics/auto for these. Really want to put a bigger dent in this want list before buying the last SPs.
    I collect all former USC Trojan Football and Basketball players. I also collect SF Giants, Baseball HOF Auto and Rickey Henderson cards.
    I am a Supercollector of Willie McCovey & Ronnie Lott.
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